New Build

A Unified Team From Concept To Completion

When you hire JTI CONSTRUCTION  LLC  for our design-build services, this means that we handle your entire project – this includes planning, design, construction plans, budgeting, and construction. The key benefits of this approach is that everyone who is involved are all working together – from the concept stage to the final phases of building your home.

From the first meeting with you to the last drop of paint, we effectively manage all components of your process while staying in ongoing communication with you.

  • Accountability and Quality Control: Because we manage your entire project, you have a single point of contact that is accountable to you.
  • Speed, efficiency and cost control: By working together, we are able to create more detailed and accurate budgets and construction plans. This means we save you time, money and stress. We carefully manage your project so that we can deliver it as promised.