Senior Living Remodels

At JTI CONSTRUCTION  LLC , we specialize in remodeling Senior living Facilities. These residents, facilities, and buildings require special care, as we do the timely completion of remodels while the residents are living in the facility.

Our Highly trained staff, specializes in working with extreme safety and around the elderly.

J T I Construction LLC-Clare Bridge-Sun City West, Arizona

Prevent trips and falls by:

Removing or securing all carpets and area rugs with double-sided tape

Placing reflective, nonskid tape on uncarpeted stairs

Rearranging all extension cords and phone cords so that they are out of the walkway

Installing handrails along both sides of all stairs

Placing non-skid strips or decals in the tub or shower

Installing a shower seat

Placing a “comfort height” toilet seat to simplify the raising and lowering of themselves

Creating floor level entries to tubs and toilets

Accommodate decreased hand dexterity and strength by:

Replacing doorknobs and plumbing fixtures with lever handles

Replacing faucets with single-lever faucets

Installing easy-to-grasp handles on drawers & cabinet doors


Accommodate decreased eyesight by:

Installing night lights (night vision tends to diminish)

Using light colors when decorating (contrasting light colors help compensate for decreased depth perception)

Install task lighting for hobbies and activities